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An Orthopteran/Human Hybrid


This being has appeared in my vision for about 3 months. A very old being, with a gentle curiosity about humanity's tendency to find those that look vastly different from them as "monsters." It seems that the further that something deviates from human form, the more ominous and threatening we label it to be. Since Milo is a hybrid, part of his personal journey is exploring his ancestry; hence his interest in contacting the human race.

He did not provide a location, yet he (my gender attribution based on his energy) indicated that he was a descendant of the Founders. Orthopterans on Earth are represented by grasshoppers, locusts and crickets. The true image portrayed to me could not be properly drawn for our eyes, because his "skin" was so black as to not show up on computer monitors. I lightened him a bit.

There were rounds of cricket chirps in my right ear as I drew Milo.

Kimberly darwin milo3 kd

An Orthopteran/Human Hybrid

Kimberly darwin before highlights

Just starting to add highlights

Kimberly darwin milodrawing

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